Coached Programs


Rivanna Rowing Club offers Coached Programs that provide quality instruction in the sport of rowing. Our Programs offer an opportunity for new rowers to learn the sport and for experienced rowers to improve their skills for either fitness or competition.

2018 Programs are now listed; registration links activated on Sun 3/25/2018. Join the newsletter list to be alerted about announcements, waitlists, scheduling, etc.

Coached Programs provide instruction in both:

Sweep Rowing: where each rower uses one oar as part of a crew of an 8+ or 4+ shell (boat). 8+ means 8 rowers plus a coxswain in the boat commanding/steering. 4+ means 4 rowers plus a coxswain.

Sculling: where a rower uses two oars, one in each hand. RRC offers instruction in 1x’s (single boats with one sculler per boat), 2x’s (doubles with two scullers per boat), and 4x’s (a quad with four scullers in the boat). Sculling boats do not carry coxswains, are narrower and even more fragile and sensitive to water conditions than sweep shells.

RRC offers programs for both adults and juniors. You should be a capable swimmer and have a basic level of fitness.

Program Categories

On any given year, there may be more than one program offered in each category. Click the links below to learn more about each of our offerings.

  Getting Started  Advancing Your Skills Choose Program
Adult Learn to Row (Adult) Intermediate Rowing
Masters Fitness
Masters Competitive
Sculling Programs

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Learn to Row (Junior) Junior Experienced Rowing

All programs have minimum and/or maximum enrollments in order to ensure a good rowing experience for the participants and viability for the club. If any program is max’ed out, please contact us to express your interest (we will do our best to maintain a waitlist and expand offerings if possible). If enrollment for any session does not reach the minimum number of participants, the session may be adjusted or cancelled. If a rower registered for a program is unable to complete the program, program fees will not be refunded except for documented medical reasons. 

How to sign up for multiple options:

All signup links are shortcuts that add the selected program to your RegattaCentral shopping cart. If you would like to select multiple combinations of items (membership fee, boat checkout fee, coached programs, etc), either click on multiple “sign up” links on our website before checking out on RegattaCentral, or go directly to RegattaCentral’s shopping cart and browse the multiple choices at the bottom of the shopping cart. Be careful that you haven’t added multiple copies of the same item to your cart. 

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