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Rivanna Rowers Push Hard and Win Big!

Rivanna Rowers Push Hard and Win Big!

2017 Regional, National & International Races:

Anne Cann & Cathy Coffman (Head of the Charles – Oct 2017), gold medalists in the Women’s Grand Master 2x.


  • 5K – Head of the Charles Regatta (October – Boston, MA)
    • Anne Cann and Cathy Coffman won gold at the Women’s Grand Master 2x. In excellent form, the pair passed seven boats and set a new course record. Shown is a photo of them rounding the long curve leading to the Eliot Bridge, and later on the awards platform receiving their gold medals.
    • Juniors Emmy Wuensch (6th in Women’s Youth 1x) and Jake Pierce/Hugh Rickard (13th in a large field of Men’s Youth 2x) made Rivanna proud.
    • Kit Collins placed well in the Senior Men’s 1x race on Saturday and repeated the effort with Annette Owens in the Director’s Challenge Mixed 2x on Sunday.
  • 21K – Wye Island Regatta (September – Wye Mills, MD)
    • Joe Vanishak and Mary Maher won silver among mixed doubles in this marathon of a row!
  • 1K – World Masters Games (April – Lake Karapiro, New Zealand)
    • Representing Rivanna in composite boats with the Cascadia group, Anne Cann won one gold (Women’s G 8+), one silver (Women’s G 2X), and three bronze (Women’s E 2X, Women’s G 4X, and Women’s G 4-)
  • 1K – U.S. Masters Nationals (August – Oak Ridge, TN)
    • Anne Cann won 5 golds (Women’s H 2x, Women’s G 4X, Women’s H 8+, Women’s G 4+, and Women’s G 4-) and 1 silver (Women’s E 2X)
    • Stacie Reid won silver in the G 4+ category
  • 2K – Occoquan Challenge (October – Sandy Run Regional Park​, VA)
    • Cathy Coffman and Anne Cann won the Women’s 60+ 2x
    • Hilary Kerner and Jenny Fjseleth won the Women’s 40+ 2x
    • Emmy Wuensch won the Women’s Youth 1x
  • 1K – Diamond State Masters (July – Middletown, DE)
    • Cathy Coffman and Charlotte Hollings won Women’s C-D 2X
  • 1K – Occoquan Memorial Sprints (July – Sandy Run Regional Park​, VA)
    • Anne Cann won the Masters Women’s 60+ 1X
    • Masters Women’s 8+ won (need names)

Joe Vanishak and Mary Maher won silver in the mixed doubles (Wye Island Regatta, Sept. 2017 Chesapeake Bay).
Mary Maher showing the prize from a 13 mile row!


(New) Fall 2017 Training program

For the first time RRC offered a fall program focused on training for Head Races. Nick D’Imperio, new RRC Head Coach for the 2017-2018 season, and Sarah McGovern, Head Coach during summer 2017 coached 13 rowers three times each week from late August to the end of October.

The crew’s first race was the Head of the Potomac.  RRC launched a women’s 1X, a men’s 4+, a women’s 4+, a mixed double and a mixed 8+.  Although no hardware was earned, RRC boats had a respectable showing.  Everyone enjoyed the beautiful day and learned from the experience.

Next was an overnight trip to Philadelphia for the 5K – Head of the Schuylkill – one of the largest fall regattas on the East coast.  The UVA men’s team generously hauled our equipment and we enjoyed sharing the regatta fun and festivities with the UVA rowers and their families.  Thank you UVA men!

Early morning conditions at the Schuylkill were perfect – flat water and low wind.  The RRC women’s 4+ pushed hard, but strayed across a buoy for a penalty.  By mid-afternoon a brisk head wind kicked up and the women’s 8+ and men’s 2x struggled with “un-Rivanna like” conditions.  The women’s 8+ oars collided with a competitor’s, bringing both boats to a dead stop.  While RRC didn’t bring home any “bling”, we gained a renewed commitment to work hard, both on and off the water, to be ready for next year!

RRC’s last outing was the chilly Dam Turn Regatta on Beaver Creek Reservoir. Rowers were energized, but the course was tricky, with challenging turns, so many buoys it was hard to identify the finish line and icy temps that loosened oarlocks. But it was terrific to participate in a local regatta with our friends at Beaver Creek (which is rumored to have calmer water than our Rivanna).