Protect the Rivanna — Reusable plastic bottles only

Rivanna_no_disposable_water_bottlesCalling all club members and participants!

Please bring only reusable, plastic water bottles when coming to the Boathouse and the Rivanna.


  • Disposable bottles not only pollute but can cause damage to launch propellers
  • Metal bottles can cause damage to the bottom of the our boats when they are dropped or roll around

What if I don’t have/remember a reusable plastic bottle?

  • You may convert a disposable plastic bottle, such as a Gatorade bottle, into a reusable one — just be sure to write your name and telephone number on it with a permanent (Sharpie) marker.
  • If you forget your bottle, please use one of the clean, reusable bottles kept in the brown cabinet in the sweep bay. Wash and return when finished.
  • If you forget your water and spares aren’t available, emergency use of a disposable bottle is acceptable on a one-time basis only.


2017 Programs Now Open

Ready, set, row! Today, the Rivanna Rowing Club (RRC) opened registration for the 2017 Rowing Season. We have an exciting lineup this year — ranging from 2-week Adult Learn to Row programs to Masters Competitive programs for those who wish to race. And … we have two ways to learn about the programs: RRC ProgramContinue Reading

RRC Membership : Join / Renew

Rivanna Rowing Club (RRC) Membership is required for everyone using RRC facilities and participating in RRC programs — except those who take their first Learn to Row class in 2017. The 2017 RRC Membership year runs Jan 1 – Dec 31.  Renew or Join.