The Rivanna Rowing Club is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, on the Rivanna Reservoir just northwest of town. For more information on who we are, where we are located, feel free to explore the rest of this site.

Our Mission

The Rivanna Rowing Club is a not-for-profit membership organization governed by an elected board and serving residents of central Virginia who share a common interest in rowing.

  • The club supports rowers of all skill and fitness levels and provides equitable allocation of available equipment, programs and facilities.
  • The club promotes the sport of rowing through education, training and outreach.
  • Members commit time and resources to operational support of the club.
  • The club ensures sustained operation through judicious management of all its resources.
  • For more information, please see the Rivanna Rowing Club Member Handbook.

Sponsor or Donate!

Does your corporation sponsor organizations or athletic clubs? Consider sponsoring the Rivanna Rowing Club!

Rivanna athletes compete at the regional, national and even international levels. Your corporate logo or slogan on our boats, oars and sculls, or jerseys guarantees you high visibility during some of the most well-attended rowing events in the region and world.

With almost 100 year-round members, the Rivanna Rowing Club is one of the Charlottesville area’s larger athletic organizations. Not only will your sponsorship allow us to improve the services we offer our members, but you will also benefit from your increased visibility!

If you are interested in sponsoring the Rivanna Rowing Club, please contact a member of our Board of Directors, or send email to info@rivannarowing.org.

As a fledgling club, the Rivanna Rowing Club is always in need of…well, everything. As the club grows, so will our resources, and so will our ability to provide all manner of equipment and rowing accoutrements for our membership. Until then, we will have to get by on the funds raised by annual dues and program memberships.

This is where you come in. Have you thought about donating something, no matter how small, to the Rivanna Rowing Club? As you can see from the list below, anything can help, and almost everything will come in handy.

Rowing Equipment

Rowing Shells
Sculling Oars (Set)
Sweep Oars (Single/Set)

Rowing Accesories

Shoes for rowing shells
Rigging tools (so we don’t always
use Cathy Coffman’s!)
Cox Boxes
Slings for boats (homemade is OK!)
Concept II rowing ergometers
Bench rows/weight benches

Miscellaneous Items

Saran Wrap (for wrapping riggers together for travel)
Sun Canopy for races
Washer/Dryer for boathouse rags & towels
Boat cleaning supplies
Paint for Oars

If you’d like to donate, call or email one of the board members.